Friday, December 16, 2022


More sketches of man-made objects

When we hear about exciting scientific discoveries or achievements such as the recent creation of clean energy from nuclear fusion or the return to space flights to the Moon or the development of DNA-modified plants that will be hardier than their original, we have to ask at the same time, "What is the cost?"

The idea that we could make clean energy without toxic waste or develop a plant that could possibly grow into a building sparks the imagination. Back when we first landed on the Moon, the whole world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the Moon surface. Those steps remain visible today. If you have ever tried the app SkyView, you will see the clutter we have dropped in the atmosphere around us as we venture out into space. As Newton's Third Law states, for every action there is a reaction. We need to decide where money is best spent.

Fire hydrant sketch

I turned the newspaper to the local news, and found articles about non-profits who are working with foster kids and disadvantaged youth. These groups are providing on-going support to young people who do not have the privileges or opportunities that many of us have and who could grow into insightful, strong people with our support. In the Bay Area, there are many small non-profits with this goal. One group, All Stars Helping Kids created by Ronnie and Karen Lott, provides grants to start-up non-profits who work with kids to develop their potential. Though the non-profit groups are small, with our support, they could continue to grow to change our world for the better.  If we care, we can do space and home at the same time.

Read about the latest development around clean energy: 


Continue your holiday spirit by making a donation to one of these important non-profits that are helping disadvantaged kids in the Bay Area. Check your own county listings for groups in your area.

AllStars Helping Kids. Check out the groups they are sponsoring this year on their website:

The next three groups are graduates of the AllStars Helping Kids program:

Writer Coach Connection:

Chapter 510:

Mindful Life Project:

Two that are not a part of the AllStars group:

Battle Tested Kids:

Beyond Emancipation:

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