Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wonderful Rainy Day!  
The birds have started making nests in our backyard.

Our two cats love to roll on the floor or snuggle in a box.

My poetry class at Stanford Continuing Studies is finished.  One of the forms I worked on is the Triolet, which just fit this poem.  The poem only works if you live in California!

King Daffodil

The rain comes only in February
To beat the daffodil down.
Yellow head, be wary,
The rain comes only in February.
Spring up, daffodil, don’t tarry
Burst forth quickly, golden crown
The rain comes only in February
To beat the daffodil down.

What's a Triolet?
The form: an 8-line poem with only two rhymes used throughout, with the first and second lines repeating in a particular pattern----
---where capital letters represent repeated lines, and lowercase letters represent rhyme words.  (Brittany Pelham, Poetry Process, 2014)

The old forms, such as the triolet or sonnet, are much more mathematical than free verse:  geometry in words.  You have to figure out the pattern as well as something meaningful to say without the poem sounding 'sing-song.'  What a process!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


We had a lovely day last Friday for our monthly Craft Day where friends get together, bring a craft each is working on.  We chat, we get things done, we eat, and we encourage each other.   The quilt includes photos of the group as well as each of the postcards we made the first time we met. Now some of us do calligraphy, others make jewelry, some quilt, some make paste papers.  Others knit, stamp, or make paper crafts.What a wonderful way to be together!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm back after a long hiatus. 
What a wonderful world this is -- filled with quirky birds and other animals. Hope you enjoy my imaginary and not so imaginary friends!

 Butterflies are some of my favorite things to draw.  These are mixed media  -- acrylic paint, napkins, letterforms, and beeswax.

Don't you like to ride a carousel?

Now, for some real birds

 My Mosaics I made with the help of Big Labs