Thursday, June 21, 2018


This past Spring I've caught my face and Bill's on camera at the Rauschenberg and Magritte exhibits at the MOMA in San Francisco. What fun it is to visualize a different reality.

Do you see Bill in my iPhone?

Inspired by what I saw at the MOMA, I decided to to paint a series of faces using mixed media.

Watercolor done in my watercolor class

Acrylic paints, stamps, stencils, paper scraps, and gesso

created with found pieces of paper, acrylic paints, General's Sketch & Wash pencil, gesso and a stick

Can you find all the symbols in this mixed media piece?

"Shadows" by M Slavin

Just as I was collecting my faces to publish here, we watched a documentary called Faces, Places (Visages, Villages) which is a gentle, humorous movie about JR, a photographer in his 30s, and his relationship with New Wave director, Agnes Varda, an 89-year old woman with white hair fringed with a band of red. The movie follows them as they travel the French countryside, take pictures of people they encounter and plaster the enormous photos on the walls of buildings, water towers, and shipping containers. The story is at once sweet and heart-felt as it follows the path of a younger Agnes from her earlier movie-making career. The movie will restore your spirit.

Please visit three exhibits this summer. I have a piece in each one. Click on my Gallery button for a sneak preview

Kalligraphica at the Main Library on Larkin St. in San Francisco, June 16 through Aug. 27

The 2nd Half -- 50 and Older Show, Las Laguna Gallery, 577 S. Coast Highway, A-1 Laguna Beach, CA, June 9 through the 30th

Mix It Up, Danville Village Theater Art Gallery, 233 Front St, Danville, CA, June 29 to August 28


  1. I will be sure to see the Danville show!

  2. Martha, these are fantastic! I will make sure and catch one of the NorCal shows.

    1. Thank you, Teresa, for your comments! I hope you can see one of the shows too👌

  3. Nice! The "selfies" and the inspired art!


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