Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm sharing the following story written by one of our nieces and posted on Instagram. She is why I believe that our future will be in capable hands.

"Several words can sum up my feelings the last two days. Devastated. Stunned. Angry. Heartbroken. Humbled by the realization that half of the U.S. stands behind someone that is so fundamentally wrong as a human being. But today I woke up feeling a little brighter. I have been fortunate enough to grow up around people that were always encouraging me to break the glass ceiling. To follow my dreams and stand up for what I believe in. To pursue a career that is dominated by men because it's what I love to do and I don't care if I have to work harder to be respected. To get back up when I've been knocked down. So this is me, getting back up. Because there is no way a man like Trump and the people that supported him are going to keep me down. Right now, I'm going to focus on people like my amazing father, who encourages me everyday to keep fighting. And understands when a gal just needs to eat a donut. Today I am going to get back up and eat a damn donut. #imstillwithher "


Ashley Heidenreich is a practicing engineer who designs skyscrapers for a company in a metropolitan area. She was the only woman in her 2007 college graduating class in engineering.



For the next month, I am asking for your help. 
I will be publishing your stories:
1) about people who have been an encouraging influence in your life, and 
2) about women from a different era (maybe your mother, aunt, grandmother) 
who lived differently than you do now.

 Help me showcase as many stories as I can. 
Sit down and write a story right now. 
Send me your stories to

Thank you
 and may your next week be filled with gratitude for what you have.


  1. I had a great parents who didn't stereotype my dreams and the things I wanted to do. Thanks for reminded me of that.

    I'm glad you're getting back up. I'm almost there and looking for ways to get involved that will help keep our president-elect in check.

  2. Another great post Martha! I will see what I can find...Myngreat grandmother, Mollie , comes to mind.

  3. Such a lovely post...and your header is stunning. :)

  4. Sadly, I did not have any of this nurturing in my childhood. I found this post very sad in the sense that it reminded me of what my childhood "could"have been. It was not a happy reminder for me, but I am happy your family had so any happy times to remember.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about the lack of nurturing in your childhood. Unfortunately, that affects the rest of your life in so many ways. I hope you have a sustaining environment now with people who love you.

      Thanks for writing. I will pass on your message to Ashley.


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