Friday, November 11, 2016


The sun did come up on Wednesday.

I watched as my watercolor teacher painted a derelict shack. She said, "This is hard," something she always says when she paints. I said back to her, "Especially today. I couldn't sleep last night." My friend next to me nodded in agreement, then the rest of the class chimed in with the same news. Some were full of hope; most of us felt shock from the previous night. I thought in our tiredness, how none of us raised voices, how we let our vulnerability show. We came together, whichever side we put ourselves on, and offered tentative healing words. One man in his 80s said, "I've seen worse."

I looked at the painting that slowly progressed across our instructor's paper and remembered the image that Katie, one of my nieces, posted on her blog. Katie put up a simple diagram that moved with the rhythm of breathing. That was all she posted. It was a good reminder to stop a moment and breathe.

Check out Katie Martin's website at for moments of inspiration.

Today is a day for remembrance of those people we sent off to war and who did not come back. Today is a good day to go to a quiet place to remember them.


  1. I am trying to figure out what 'worse' your 80 year old friend recalled. Presidents leading us into war, I gather? My 103 year old father has seen worse, with Presidents leading us into the Depression and war. I've never been one to catastrophize because I'm a survivor. Until now. "For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing." - Charles Frederic Aked

  2. He mentioned Richard Nixon, also not a President, but the era of McCarthyism, and reaching back to WWII -- other leaders in other countries. I agree with your quote. We all need to stand up to be counted. I know I have been too complacent.

  3. Thank you for embracing and sharing your feelings. I've come to resent the media for labeling every state and every person living in those states as red or blue. They started that back in the late 80's, and I've come to realize that labeling is part of our national woes. Yes, we are each different but so deeply alike in our belief in our freedoms. Watching how we treat our Veterans now, as opposed to how we treated them after Vietnam is tribute to our hearts. No we are not perfect in any way, but we all have hearts.

    1. I agree with you about the red and blue states. I think we need to show more of the diverse views all over the country otherwise we just end up using labels and not understanding the concerns beneath. Good point about Veterans, Letty. Thank you for your comments. They are always thoughtful.

  4. I am glad for blogs and the internet and places where we can share our words, thoughts, joys and pains. Looks like you may have been in Inverness again. ?


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