Friday, May 6, 2016


I'm reading The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg, one of my favorite writers and teachers. She starts right off with a joke, which is now my third favorite joke right behind these two:

What is another name for Thesaurus?

What is a one-syllable word called?                                                  


What has seven letters?
Is impossible to do?
If you eat it, it will kill you.

Jokes are not my forte. I remember my childhood favorite was about a parrot, but that's as far as I can tell you about it.  The answers to joke three:   Nothing.  There is no answer to number one -- just groan.

I am now relearning to play the computer keyboard like a piano. I have tennis elbow on my right side (I'm left-handed, go figure), and I discovered this morning after not using the hand for writing, walking, Pilates or at the gym, that typing on the computer was a contributor. Hard to remember to hold your hands in the correct position without practice. Oh, the dreaded word from my piano-playing days: practice.

Natalie Goldberg's best advise for writing:

Keep your hand moving

Don't worry if you write the worst junk in America

Be specific: say Cadillac, not car

Lose control

Mostly, practice.

Good advice for a lot of life, don't you think?

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