Friday, June 12, 2020


Wondering what to do now?

Follow the lead of the Soul Box Project and make a small origami box to honor someone who has died by gun violence.

courtesy of the Soul Box Project
June 5, Gun Violence Awareness Day, was almost forgotten in the last two weeks of demonstrations. The day originated after the death of Hadiya Pendleton just a week after the 15-year old performed at President Obama's second inauguration. Many groups including Moms Demand Action commemorate the day by wearing orange.  The Soul Box Project gathers small, decorated boxes and places them together in exhibitions. They want to make an impact with the boxes just as did the AIDS quilts project that stretched across Washington, DC, in 1987.

Names Project AIDS Memorial quilt in 1987  (source: Wikipedia)

To make my box, I first looked through the morning paper to find a name. I chose Deanna Rice. I don't know Deanna Rice, but I know that she was a victim of domestic violence. She has cousins who will miss her.

The box is easy to construct. I made two to fit together. I decorated the outside and added Denna Rice's name. One box is small, but together all the boxes can make an impact.

I used heart stickers to make a flower in memory of Deanna Rice.

Follow these simple directions or watch the Soul Box Project's video to make your own:

When you have finished with yours, package it and send to Soul Boxes, P. O. Box 19900, Portland, OR 97280

Make two box lids. Slide one inside the other. I took a separate piece of paper to make my decorations on and then glued the paper to the box.


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    1. Thank you, Teresa. I hope they will be able to go on with their exhibit after we have pandemic more understood and controlled. What a sight it will be.


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