Friday, July 19, 2019


 I've had a hard time this week trying to do what I normally can accomplish: house and garden chores, writing my blog, seeing friends, going to my watercolor class, getting my Craft Day together, and having lunch with our son along with a walk through a good exhibit at the MOMA in San Francisco.

My husband ended up in the hospital unexpectedly on Tuesday following a bad reaction to a medication he had been given recently. He became anemic from a slow bleed, which is one the possible side effects of Xarelto, a blood thinner. His reaction is a good reminder to me to ask all the questions when we visit a doctor. Bill is recovering well, but this event sure put a monkey wrench into our week.

When I had a moment to myself, I brought out my watercolor crayons and my sketchbook to the kitchen table, set up a yellow pepper, and started to draw. As I finished, I realized how much calmer I felt. I've tried other methods to find peace. Mindfulness with deep breathing helps me on a normal day, but its effectiveness disappears when I am under stress. What works for me is to focus on a small object and to make a slow contour drawing, which I color in with the watercolor crayons, and then blend the colors with a water brush.

Art as therapy.

What do you do to help yourself in stressful times?

The first four sketches displayed here are for 
this week's World Watercolor Month.  

The envelope below with its circle of joyful flowers came to me 
from Christine Brooks, another creative artist. 
(Sorry about the blue streaks to cover addresses.)

What a cheerful way to send someone some mail! 

Envelope watercolor by Christine Brooks


  1. I love your post. Sorry to hear your husband had trouble, but glad he is feeling better. What a hard time. Love that you found time for you and your ceeative side. It does do wonders for me, if i make the time. Happy Friday.

  2. My dear Martha,
    Your focus and practice are the key to the need for personal achievement and peace of mind. I view you as a role model and inspiration for me to follow for my own peace of mind....Thank you!

  3. We are relieved to hear that Bill is going to be OK and we appreciate your advice for using art therapy to deal with stress. <3

    1. Thanks, Sara. It's been a long week and painting has helped a lot.

  4. Hope Bill is feeling better. We are hoping that with the IVC metal filter in John's vena cava, that we can avoid anti-coagulants. Just received your calming card. Thanks.

    1. This July has been something else for several people we know. Too many physical problems all in one month. I'm glad to hear that John is progressing. We should all celebrate life!

  5. From Mary by email: You blog was very touching. I'm so glad you have your art as a stress reliever, I’m hoping that your hubby is home and recovering. Life sure threw you a few curve balls this week.


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