Friday, January 12, 2018


I'm sharing a few of the powerful words that people have chosen for 2018:



Go Easy


Help Others


Scatter Kindness

Drive with Kindness


Step into the Unknown

A Quote from Rumi: 
"Live where you fear to live. Forget Safety. 
Destroy your reputation. Be notorious."

Words that can lift you up and help you find your intention for the year.

Other words, such as words on a list, can languish or irritate for a long time. I found my list of chores that I would like to do around our house. The list is several years old and is filled with items for "some day." Some items have been crossed out, others remain. I've learned to Let Go of the need to finish everything immediately. When something needs to be done, it will get done. 

Who has a moment to go through boxes left over from cleaning out both parents' houses? Sitting with these few remaining boxes leaves me with memories but no answer yet to where to give away the items inside. 

Yes, there are dings on the walls that need touching up and we need to change the side yard to be more water conservative. But none of these needs to be done tomorrow. 

Slowly, over time these items will be accomplished, just as the other marked-off items have been. These words on this list could get sticky and anxiety-producing, but my mantra of "One Thing at a Time" helps me determine what is the most important intention that I have.

Between reflecting over last year's experiences and looking forward to the possibilities of 2018, I know I will continue to keep the words "Growing and Learning" as two very important guides for my intentions for this year.

On reflection, I've realized that the words of intention that I've added to my list have made a difference in my actions through the years.

Letting Go

One Thing at a Time

Growing and Learning

What are your intentions for 2018?


  1. I intend to live one day at a time and to focus on the present and to avoid stress. Love your voice, blog, and your kind heart.

    1. Thank you as always for your kind words, Jan.

  2. I enjoyed your blog and words of wisdom. Being in this beautiful place reminds me to “Live in the moment and breath in where you are”. My mantra for 2018.

  3. Beautiful photos, Martha! I love how your blog reminds me to see the beauty in the everyday.


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