Friday, July 14, 2017



Sometimes you don't see something that is right in front of you. While we were on vacation last week, I walked right into a tall, metal post. No excuses, but why would you plant a post right in the middle of the sidewalk? Then again, why would you not look where you are going? One of those embarrassing moments we all have, or at least I do. Today I just realized that part of my first name, Martha, includes the word, "art." How unobservant can one be? But what a delightful surprise. Art is not only in my genes but even in my name. And I only have a slight bruise on my cheek.

This summer I've been working to produce one postcard a day. 
You've seen some already. 
Here are others. 

Help me select the ones to turn into real postcards. 
You can email me your choices with your address to  
I'll send you a postcard back!
Or leave your choices in the comment section on this blog posting.

Happy Summer!

#1 Racing Horse

#2 Dreams

 #3 Carrot Queen

                          #4 Grace

#5 Golden Gate Bridge

#6  Letting Go

#7 Sailboat

#8 Traces of Leaves

#9  Geranium

#10  Kindness Matters

#11  Kindness Matters Too

#12 Flower

#13  Bouquet

#14 Roses

#15  White Flowers


  1. Dear Martha, Your story reminds me of when I walked into a glass window in a Paris hotel's restaurant. The glass was so clean that I thought it was an open doorway. The pompiers had to administer first aid and I had stitches and a bruise at my eye for several weeks. Your postcards are gorgeous! I will PM you my address and look forward to receiving one once I decide which one I like best. Love, Sara

    1. I remember you doing that! I didn't have to call 911. My head must be pretty thick! Don't forget to let me know which postcard.

  2. I have several choices. #5,#8, #9,#10 and #15. Caroline Sanchez

    1. Thank you, Caroline. You are a sweetie for voting so quickly. The postcards are on the way (they take longer, for some reason, than regular mail!)

  3. This was hard...But I vote for-Dreams, Traces of Leaves, Geraniums and Roses.
    So funny about walking into a post. Iv'e done that!

    1. Thanks, Mary. Your postcard is on its way!

  4. Love your blog - beautiful and thoughtful!

  5. Thanks, Helen, your postcard in on its way!

  6. I really enjoyed your postcards hard to choose one but how about the white flowers

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann, your postcard is on its way!


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