Friday, May 5, 2017


Torrential rain all winter, a week or two of glorious spring weather, and this past week, hot days in the 90's. Weather. Something we don't always notice in California. But an early heat wave reminded me of summer and postcards.

Last weekend I sat next to a woman on the plane who laughed when I pulled out my stack of postcards. She said, "I haven't sent postcards in years." I thought of the numerous postcards I've mailed since January, which has allowed me to let go of the stress of watching someone with the stroke of a pen negate much of what I believe. I continue to write postcards.

Recently I've reaped some beautiful postcards from other artists who participate in postcard exchanges with me. I wanted to share their work with you.

Julia Jacques makes collages from small scraps
and then reproduces them as postcards. 
Lovely shades of blue!

Julia Jacques

Paula Bogdan loves to photograph old, neglected things.  
She quotes Elliot Erwitt, 
"Photography is an art of observation. 
It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."

Paula Bogdan
 Kat Sloma is the sponsor of Liberate Your Art Swap each year. She makes digital paintings and photography. She encourages everyone to experiment, play and create.

Kat Sloma

Lisa Murphy creates mixed media pieces. Her card used a quote from Maya Angelou. 
"This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before."

Lisa Murphy

 Lynda Fishbourne is a prolific artist with many thoughtful, inspiring pieces to share. On this card, she said, "It's time to begin. Let the mystery unfold. Listen carefully. Breathe deeply. Notice the little things. Live your dream. Share your passion. Sending sunshine and stardust."

Lynda Fishbourne

Lynda Fishbourne

Lynda Fishbourne

 Send some postcards. 
Your friends will love receiving something in the mail from you!

My Sketchbook Project sketchbook that I sent to the Brooklyn Art Library has now been digitized and can be seen with many other fantastic sketchbooks at this link!


  1. Those are all beautiful and I love the concept of artists exchanging these mini works of art is great. I've seen them at art shows that artists sell or give away with their work.

    1. Thanks, Jean,
      Yes, it is really fun to receive a postcard in the mail. It lifts my spirits!

  2. Brava Bravissimo
    Postcard Parties
    Notebook Notability
    Inspiration Invitation
    Friday Frisson

    1. I love this quick poem. Just like a postcard!


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