Friday, February 17, 2017


My answer to that statement?

Life is a challenge
Life is a test or a series of tests
Life is wandering from one thing to another
Life is difficult
Life is beautiful
Life is so daily
Life is finding authenticity
Life is full of unexpected surprises
Life is open to suggestions
Life is the quiet time between busy activities

What is your answer?

My favorite choice: life is a series of challenges.

Grab a pencil and join me in a new challenge. I've signed up for the Sketchbook Project hosted by the Brooklyn Art Library. Over 35,000 people have submitted sketchbooks to the project run by the Art House Projects. They digitize the books so that you can view them on line. You could also visit the library in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to see the real work. 

Remember that all of us has an artist within. Drawing and writing out your ideas helps to develop your creativity. Go for it! Take a chance and accept my challenge.

Some of my favorite pencils. I've had the mechanical pencil since college. My new favorite is the fat pencil, second from right.

Your sketches, doodles, and words on paper gives you 
a quiet, yet effective way to be an artist
and to reach out to other people with your ideas.

Brown sketchbook from the Sketchbook Project

I just received my plain brown sketchbook from the Brooklyn Art Library and I've started filling it up with sketches and writing.
Come and join me. Grab a pencil and begin!

As you can see, I have several sketch ideas going on throughout my book. The top line consists of words. The second line is full of faces from places that I go. The third line is random items that I see or witness. And the last line is trees, so far. If you feel stuck for an idea, go outside, find something that interests you, and describe it. What color is it? What is its shape? What size? What kind of shadow does it make? Is it smooth or does it have texture? Try a contour drawing of it: look at your object while your pencil is moving slowly on the paper. Look at your drawing only when you come to a corner. Draw just the edges. Don't do any shading.

Anyone who wants to complete a sketchbook needs to buy one from the Sketchbook Project website. You will receive a small brown book with 32 pages, just enough to do one sketch a day. Fill it up and send it back to them by the deadline. Mine is April 15. Yippee, I have a little more time to fill up all those white pages that I have just started on!


  1. Life is indeed, filled with challenges...hmmm....will I or won't I?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Jan.
      I've refreshed the link, but you may want to go directly to the sketchbook website. Sorry!

  3. sounds like fun. I make sketches on the back side of seed back tags. (they hide behind seeds in their slots in the garden seed racks I service. I collect them at the end of each year and use them for notes)I sketch birds so I can remember their field marks, I make todo lists (mostly) and design jewelry. Not good at human forms. I might just get a brown book!

    1. Hi Teejay,
      I enjoyed reading what you do with the back side of seed back tags. Creativity reigns! What a great use for them -- the same size so they are easy to keep together. Do you make books from them? I'd love to see some of them. You could send them to my email address

  4. The sketch book project sounds like something my art teacher friends might find interesting. Will forward this to her.

  5. Thank you so much for taking part in The Sketchbook Project, and for sharing this with us! I've passed this around with my team as well. We look forward to seeing your book when it arrives at Brooklyn Art Library!


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