Friday, September 11, 2015


Do you have a special place you like to go to unwind?

Many of my friends are traveling this month. We have plans too. We like to explore parts of California an hour or two away. We have been staying at some lovely inns in the last couple of years. Last weekend we spent some time at one of my favorites: the Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay. HMB has pumpkin fields, beach paths, and good places to eat. A great place to go for a quick vacation.

The Mill Rose Inn was built in the 70s. Bradbury and Bradbury wallpapers, made by a company from Benicia (check out their papers at, cover the walls and ceilings. Plants and orchids fill every horizontal space. The inn serves delicious breakfasts in the dining room, which is sometimes used for wedding parties. After breakfast, we took our coffee out into the enclosed garden -- enclosed by tree roses that cover the trellises around the property. The birds splashed and called to each other in the fountain as we sat under an umbrella surrounded by roses, cosmos, and hydrangeas. We had a hard time leaving such a tranquil spot.

We finally wandered off, down the main street of HMB, walking by a good bookstore, Coastside Books,, several clothing shops, and handmade furniture stores until we turned around and headed to our car.

Winsor Newton paint kit which includes everything you need (except paper) to make art in a journal on the go.

We drove down to Bean Hallow Beach south of Pescadero, which is Bill's favorite in this area. I brought along my nifty Winsor Newton paint kit while Bill took photos of the beach, which is covered with small pebbles of every color.

I will leave you with Bill's amazing photos to enjoy!

Half Moon Bay has become another interesting food destination in the Bay Area. Here are a few of our favorites:

Pasta Moon

It's Italia


Good food, a good walk, and some sunshine -- what better ways to spend your days!

Other good inns near us that we have tried:

Seven Gables Inn, Pacific Grove

Honor Mansion, Healdsburg

Napa River Inn at the old Napa Mill, Napa

Tamales Bay Resort, Inverness

Do you have a favorite place to stay within an hour or two of your home?


  1. That's it. I'm moving out there and leaving my dear Oklahoma. It just sounds so relaxing and refreshing. love the art and photos, guess I will make them work for me.

    1. Hi Letty, Wait till the drought is over though! We'd love to have another writer out here on the coast. Thanks for your comments about my posts too. I appreciate them a lot.


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