Friday, June 26, 2015


Honesty, Humility, and Humor: the three attributes that I most admired about my dad.

He was honest to the extreme: he would take back pennies to a store clerk when he found that he had been given too much change.

He was humble: he didn't brag about himself, even though he drew the Bugs Bunny comic strip for 30 years. He shared his talents by coming to schools for demonstrations, and sending strips to fans who wrote to him. (I still have the 3 binders full of fan letters that he received.)

And he always looked for the humor in things. He loved visual jokes.  One morning I stepped into the bathtub to find a smiling face painted on the overflow plate just below the faucet. I laughed to see that the lever that controlled the bath plug now was the nose of a funny face.

This is my drawing of what the plate looked like after Dad's handwork.

I think I have picked up some of my dad's humor in my artwork. I still see faces everywhere. I may draw something from nature as if it had a personality of its own. (And who knows about the plant world, maybe they do!) 

Other times, I see faces in real objects and photograph them just because they make me laugh.

Each time I see a 'face' I feel a connection with my dad.  Though he is long gone, his traits of honesty, humility, and humor that he held dear are traits that I still admire and try to emulate.

What traits do you most associate with your dad?


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