Friday, December 12, 2014

Shades of Red and Green

We are still between Autumn and Winter here in the Bay Area of California. We haven't had a cold snap yet, but at least we have had some good rain for the last couple of weeks. Not enough to cure our drought, but enough to turn the hills green and the leaves that are left dark red.

I walked up our street today scouting for possible ideas for watercolor sketches.  I focused on red and green in nature.

Here is what I found:

You will have to look very hard at some of these squares to find the red or green in the photo. There are so many different shades! When the holidays are over, I hope to show you the watercolor sketches that result from my search for shades of red and green.

What colors do you see at this time of year where you live?
Don't forget to take time for a walk, a cup of coffee, reading by the fire, or whatever gives you peace.

I made this mosaic of photos at   


  1. Great collage! Fun and natural beauty in each shot.

  2. As I live in the Pacific NW.. the colors are mostly gray...the sky and brown... the mud, although everything stays green unless the trees and shrubs are bare branched. It is lovely to see all your red and green colors.

  3. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for reading and commenting on my post. Shades of gray, brown, white and black have always been favorite palettes. A touch of red or green for me focuses my attention and makes me pause to enjoy the subtler shades.


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