Friday, October 17, 2014


 Do you remember clothing from your past? What you wore when?

In fourth grade, I discovered the Hollywood dress designer, Edith Head. Who was she?  She designed clothing for Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Tippi Hedren, among others. My mother thought I looked like her. I was inspired by her success as a working woman.


That year I made my first fashion statement. I curled my bangs in imitation of Edith Head and posed for my class picture. All I needed were the round glasses.

By eighth grade, I was an avid reader of Vogue magazine. I learned to sew and made a trapeze dress, the latest style from Paris. The trapeze later became the very short, baby doll tent dress. 'Tent' is the cogent word here. For someone who was 5'2" and 95 pounds, the trapeze looked more like another fashion trend of the time, le 'sack.'

My sister and I made most of our school clothes while we were high school, but my favorite item to wear at home was a muumuu. Easy to make and easy to wear.

In college, I wore a bright orange, polka-dot dress, called a balloon dress, that allowed me to move around easily.

I madly embroidered a pair of jeans in my 20s -- as close to being a hippie as I ever got.

And I can't forget the traditional Christmas sweater.  How many of these do you still have?

As a teacher, I found this yellow dress and knee high boots to be the perfect uniform for teaching art and English. Easy to move in and my boots made my stride purposeful.

While pregnant, I loved a sweater and pants outfit with horizontal stripes that must have made me visible a mile away!

After moving home from overseas, I adopted a Japanese hopi coat that I wore over cropped pants.

Edith Head designed elegant dresses for the actresses who wore them. I was inspired more by her success and quirkiness than by her designs.
My fashion sense tends towards the easy and comfortable, and quirky. If you know me, you know that I wear round glasses. Looking back at what I have worn over the years, all I can say, is: "Where was Edith Head when I needed her!"

What clothing did you wear that brings back good memories?

*  (Edith Head image)

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