Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yesterday I was sitting sipping a latte in the plaza at Union Square in San Francisco.  It was a beautiful, blue-sky day, people bustled about from one end of the square to the other.  A young couple sat down at a table near me.  I couldn’t see the young woman well, but the young man was fresh-faced, with a yellow rose pinned to his suit. That he was wearing a suit was unusual.

I was waiting for Bill to arrive from his appointment and spent the time doodling on a small card, one of many Zentangle doodles that I make when I need to pass time. They need concentration so I only intermittently looked up and glanced around me, looking for Bill’s figure to appear.

The couple was drinking coffee and chatting quietly with each other.  I couldn’t overhear what they said, but he was smiling. He reminded me of Bill when we were young.

When they we done with their coffees, they gathered themselves up. The young woman turned and I saw the lace scarf around her shoulders and the small bouquet of yellow roses in her hand. They came over to my table and she handed me a rose. She said, “We wanted to share this rose with you.  We just got married today.”

What a lovely, tender moment!

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