Sunday, April 6, 2014

Doesn't Spring remind you of butterflies?
The lightness of the air, the warm sunshine, cool breezes.

I'm still thinking in poetry-speak. Being around young people is another sign of Spring. I seem to see many young women lately who are in bloom.  Would you want to be young again?


She stood tall, dark hair cropped short, soft curls full.
Dark eyes, filled with life, newness.
Young body, smooth skin.
Sundress dipping down over the small mounds of her breasts.

I stood next to her.
Thinking myself young still.
I thought, "It's so easy being beautiful when you are young."

“My parents are celebrating my mother’s 50th birthday,”
She said. 
I knew we were years--a different generation--away.
Her mother was young too.

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