Friday, July 27, 2012

A walk on the Iron Horse Trail
mid-July in California
dry, hot shade.

On the ground a dozen oak galls,
Bleached to ivory, traces of yellow ochre,

Spider web spans the braces of a bridge
Over a creek bed, no water tumbling through
Even the web looks dry.
                                                                                    Buzz saws instead of running water,
                                                                                    Two 70-year old pines coming down.

                                                                                    Broken skeleton of a vine
                                                                                    Clinging to a chain-linked fence
                                                                                    In the distant haze, Mt. Diablo,
                                                                                    Yellow and fire-crisp.

 Iron Horse Trail
 In the heat of July -
 California’s winter:
 Only yellow and red cherries
 Burst with life.

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