Friday, February 6, 2015


Doesn't everyone think about love when February comes around? 

How would you describe love and romance?

Romance is like a cartwheel: first you line yourself up, hands over head, and then you fling yourself with abandon, trusting your body while you are in flight that you can come down to earth with two feet on the ground.

Romance over a lifetime settles in to small doses: a look, a quick smile, the satisfaction of being together after a long day, a laugh at an idea agreed upon and shared.

My son Theo harangues against Valentine's Day: "Why should we be lazy and celebrate one day of showing love, when we should show love every day?"

Why shouldn't we indeed?

Do you have special ways to share your love?

Watercolor sketches from photos of the old carnival/play-land on Hayden Island, Portland. Oregon


  1. Gosh, February 14th is like every other day for this kid. What's romance? I forget. Love becomes platonic for the widowed and divorced. I'm with your son. If you're fortunate enough to have a romantic partner, share the love every day !

  2. You make such a poignant point, Flo. Thank you for mentioning the experiences of widowed, divorced, and single people in a world full of the commercial.

  3. I found you! So glad that we have re-connected, for that is so important in this life of ours! Your work is beautiful and your words ring true! So happy to have found my way here!!


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