Friday, May 23, 2014

Cover the Cracks

Black tar marks scroll down
the asphalt on the Iron Horse Trail.
Like Japanese calligraphers,
two workers swooped 
across the cracks with a large pen,
pushing out more tar when they needed
letting the last dry brush strokes peter
out across the trail.

The ghost of ‘yama’ -–river—
wanders the path
the tar has sunk in.
Leaves, dust and
a broken pinecone or two
fill in the valleys.

The asphalt conceals the old
railroad line which
covered the horse trail which
covered the deer path which
covered the silt and mud which
covered the bones turned to fossils
deep beneath the asphalt trail.

Ants, near the strokes,
push up dirt on to the trail
from the tiny caverns 
they are making.
Dirt from deep down below --
fragments of wheat, oats,
manure, glass, bones.

I took a Calligraphy workshop called Text and Texture with Yukimi Annand ( last year and have been finding calligraphy in places that I didn't imagine before.

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  1. Your post reminds me that there are hidden messages everywhere if we stop and take the time to discover them.


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