Friday, July 11, 2014

Can you find the spot I work on?

One look at my studio worktable and you can see what I have been doing for the last few weeks. 

This wonderful table started out as a clean 4’ X 6’ space to do both writing and artwork on.  I can’t seem to leave an empty space well enough alone so my worktable is now filled with writing books and files of my writing on one side.  The other side holds most of my art supplies.  Like sewing materials and books, I can’t seem to get enough art supplies – well, not enough to last my own perceived infinite lifetime!

On the table, you can see the dried leaves I’ve used as models a series of watercolor sketches while I’ve been working through this artist’s block of mine. I’ve also been delving into my watercolor books to look at examples done by others.

  When I realize something isn’t working, I can use a black marker, red paint, or collage materials to salvage a piece that seems to be overworked or dull.



Perhaps this abstract leaf will be my final piece or the next one:

                                   Some very sage person said that blocks are really periods of growth. I know as an artist I am rarely satisfied with an end result. But the fun of doing artwork comes from continuing on with other pieces, using some of the insight gained from a mistake or mistakes. What I am hoping for are pieces that come in a splash of driven creativity and are “whole."  My artist block jumps in and says, "What do you think you are doing?"  instead of "That's the best I can do for now."

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